Our Dolly Sods Mapping Project: Map Conventions

Our maps use a color coding to indicate different features as follows:

Blue indicates a body of water or stream. Remember that beaver ponds are the majority of the "lakes." This means that a "lake" might be filled with bog plants.

Blue names are used for identifying streams.

The red lines are the trails and roads as shown on the USGS data. Within the Wilderness and Dolly Sods North, extraneous and incorrect trails on old topo maps have been removed. The remaining red lines within Dolly Sods are old railroad grades that are bushwackable.
The gray lines are easily to follow trails outside the current Forest Service system. Most of these trails are on private property (all trails in Dobbin Slashings area; trails west of Rocky Ridge Trail; Cabin Mtn Trail; the upper portion of Little Stonecoal Run Trail is a very overgrown trail on private property.) Unnamed trails within the Forest include the old road and its extension between Rocky Ridge Trail and Blackbird Knob Trail, the Lions Head Trail (with good cairns), the gradually disappearing trail between Raven Ridge Trail and Beaver View Trail, and the roads off of FS 75.
The wide black lines are GPS way points taken on the trails. These lines have been broadened so that the trails are distinguishable on a black and white copy.
The brown lines are the elevation contours. We hope the brown will be more legible when printed.
Trail and physical point names are in black print.